Story 1

Where are you from?

Story 2

How has your relationship with being Asian changed over time?

Story 3

Where do you consider home?

Story 4

How important is your connection to traditional Asian heritage?

Story 5

Is [there] a point where you can feel like you’ve done your due diligence to learn everything about your heritage?

Story 6

How does your relationship with your identity affect your relationship with your own sexuality?

Story 7

How does your identity affect your relationship with [your] body image and how you see yourself?

Story 8

How does your identity affect your educational or career-related goals?

Story 9

How does your identity influence your dynamics within the relationships of your family?

Story 10

Do you ever feel any guilt for the sacrifices your parents made for you?

Story 11

Have you ever felt embarrassed by your ethnicity?

Story 12

Do you distance yourself from your ethnicity?

Story 13

How do you think your Asian upbringing or lack of has benefited you or hindered you?

Story 14

How is mental health talked about in your community?

Story 15

Do you ever feel guilty about disappointing your parents?

Story 16

What was the diversity like in your community growing up and how did that frame or affect your relationship with your own culture?

Story 17

What is your relationship to the language that's tied to your Asian ethnicity?

Story 18

How do you reconnect with your Asian culture and identity in moments where you feel too Canadian?

Story 19

Share a memory that links the past and the present, this place and that.