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We each come from a different place. We each have different stories. We are all unique in our own ways.

We must not erase the very element of society and humanity in that we all have different racial backgrounds, cultural practices, and gender and sexual identities. The differences that each one of us holds is what creates the beauty of life – but we first must recognize this diversity as something not of threat, not of abnormality, and not as an opportunity for erasure to promote conformity. We all have biases and prejudice – but it is up to us to destabilize the norms established and constructed within society and help acknowledge the voices and the people that often go unacknowledged.

This blog aims to help myself deconstruct my own learnt biases and prejudice and highlight the significance of diversity. I do not know everything so I encourage participation from you, the reader, and offer to help me learn as well by sharing your stories or knowledge.

From here to there, we come together to embrace the multiplicity of human identity.

Welcome to,

Here, There.

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